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2016 Rescue Stars

AMAL stars 2016

2015 Rescue Stars

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AMAL had 11 participants, with one shy dog who couldn’t attend, and one dog, Takani, in memorial for the Rescue Showcase. The regional affiliates, AMRONE and CHAAMP, were well represented  with participants pretty evenly split between the two. If you haven’t seen Paul Ganci’s video of the event, you can find it here:

Michael Roach prepared signs that directed people to the booth, and made a wonderful welcome banner showcasing the parade participants’ dogs. AMAL provided a light lunch as a rendezvous point for arriving participants. AMRONE volunteers decorated the room and distributed welcome bags that participants appreciated. Between lunch and the parade rehearsal, showcase participants wandered around the dog show. Some had never attended a national
specialty show before, and admired the show dogs and the way their handlers controlled them! Several volunteers offered light touch-up grooming so the rescue dogs looked their best in the parade. We did a quick rehearsal, then went right into the Rescue showcase. The video shows our preparation paid off. All who attended enjoyed the parade and were moved by the dogs’ stories. Steve Anderson and Mike Roach presented the awards to the handlers and hugged the dogs (or were hugged by some of the dogs) while Dennis Collins read brief biographies and tributes describing the dogs' progress, often from dire situations to beloved pets.

Sharon Huston, once again, outdid herself. She designed and ordered beautiful show items, ribbons, and memory books during a difficult personal time. We tried to keep the “celebrating our past” theme from the dog show, so a section covered some past events of the breed, dogs in the three major blood lines, and a timeline of historic events. The participants really appreciated them. Karen Jordan assisted Sharon Huston, and Susan Conant provided final editing. Ruth Levesque arranged to have the show photographer provide a large picture of each dog and handler at the official award location directly after the parade. AMCA also kindly provided a dog leash for each dog. A light reception following the photo shootings allowed the participants to unwind and relax, while mixing with AMAL volunteers.

2014 Rescue Stars

AMAL2014 Showcase Dogs Poster

2013 Rescue Stars

Olympia Resort, Oconomowoc,  WI
ANGUS - Jim Klank   IAMRA
BEOWULF -  Kristin M. Fox  IAMRA
BETTIE PAGE - Jackie & Mike Roach   Taysia Blue Rescue
BUDDY - Kim & Tess Clark   IAMRA
CINDER -  Bob Sutherland & Nicole McCullough
JAZZPER - Victoria Rego & Timothy Idol   Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue
KIMMIE - Kay Kendzora  IAMRA
NANOOK - Joanne Wagner   IAMRA
LUCY -  Julie Wolszczak  Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue
RIPLEY -  Roberta Pierick  IAMRA
SIDNEY -  Dawn Mayer Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue
TANGO -  Sandi Schmitt   Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue
TIMBER - Bill Crossland  Second Chance Rescue
TOPHER - Duncan & Ann Meskill  Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue

2012 Rescue Stars

Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, Chattanooga, TN
ADKA: Wendy & Steve Wood CHAAMP
ALI: Bob & Lori Williamson AMRNC
CHEYENNE: Angela "Nikki" & Nash Boyd AMROD
CODY: Ruth Boenitz AMRNC
IGLOO: Tom Maxwell AMRNC
KAISER: Donna & Archie Dishman TAMR
KOSMO: Donna & Archie Dishman TAMR
LUKE: Sheila McDevett AMRNC
MARIBELLE: Jan & Jim Gauntt TVA
SPOCK: Claudette "Suzy" Heldreth & Jayme Forman Louisiana Alaskan Malamute Protection LAMP
ZOE: Wendy & Steve Wood CHAAMP

2010 Rescue Stars

Denver, CO
CODY: Owner: Dave Wolf, POLARIS Alaskan Malamute Rescue, Adopted 6/2008
DAISY MAE CLEMENTINE: Niki Tischhause & Andy Williams, MOONSONG Malamute Rescue, 4/2010
DAKOTA: Carrie Belving & Family, POLARIS, 5/2010
TIMBER: Carrie Belving & Family, POLARIS, 5/2010
SADIE: Casey & Beaux Baxter, Kay Tauscher, Jesse & Max Larson, MOONSONG, 5/2010
DENALI: Steve & Lara Daniel, POLARIS, 10/2007
TASHA: Katy Flanagan & Gary Grimm, MOONSONG, 6/2008
STONY: Katy Flanagan & Gary Grimm, MOONSONG, 6/2008
HOSHI: Kathryn & Sean Strickland, MOONSONG, 4/2008
DAKOTA: Paul Ganci & Sharon Nichols, POLARIS, 5/2009
TUNDRA: Paul Ganci & Sharon Nichols, POLARIS, 5/2009
SUMMIT of the High Desert: Michael Paul, Alaskan Malamute Rescue of New Mexico, 6/2010
TIMBER WOLF, Dan & Joann McDaniel, POLARIS, 1/2008
DAKOTA: Craig & Maria Ponzio, POLARIS, 9/2006
BLAZE: Brian Hawker & Andrew Hunter, POLARIS, 7/2008

2006 Rescue Stars

Knoxville, TN
BOO - Alyson Condon TvA
DESI - Dan & Lynne Anderson TvA
MORGAN - Bill & Valerie Morgan AMRNC
NICHOLAS - Warren Becker & CJ Bausano AMRNC
SHELBY - Angel Foxworthy DSAMR
SISSY - Gary & Gloria Carlson LAMP

1998 Rescue Stars

NOTE:  National rescue efforts were coordinated under the name Alaskan Malamute Protection League (AMPL) through 1998

1998 Carlisle, PA
DAKOTA - Karen & Clarence Jordan
HAIRY BEAR - Sharon & Terry Huston
MALACHI - Catherine White

1997 Rescue Stars

Louisville, KY
DAKOTA - Karen & Clarence Jordan
HAIRY BEAR - Sharon & Terry Huston

Previous Rescue Stars

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The Alaskan Malamute Assistance League (AMAL) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and charitable organization supported by the national breed club, the Alaskan Malamute Club of America. We are an all-volunteer national rescue network which includes state and local breed rescue groups, as well as individual members.

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